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Sunday BKK Style

The weekend is an opportunity for Thai people to go out with family, friends, go shopping, or just stroll through the peaceful places that Bangkok offers.


Departure by Sky Train to the Chatuchak district which is the place where the Thais will relax on Sunday.

We start with the Or Tor Kor market, which is the 4th best food market in the world. The products sold are selected from the best in the country. You can then enjoy all the culinary Thai and enjoy the variety of products

Going on a tuk-tuk for a totally different atmosphere but also Thai. The direction the studios of a national TV channel to watch Thai Boxing matches. Once inside the TV channel, you discover a crowded room of Thai people. In the middle is a ring and the cameras around. Popular sport, it attracts Sunday bettors but also fans of Thai boxing.
An authentic atmosphere guaranteed!

Then head to one of the largest markets in the world: JJ Market (Chatuchak). More than 15,000 stands are distributed in 27 different sections on an area of ​​more than 35 hectares. The atmosphere is really atypical, it’s teeming with people. The horns of the carts or the voice of the market gardeners in the long and fine aisles show you their way of working. We find everything we want. A hall is even reserved for artists of all kinds.

Return to the hotel by Skytrain

Let’s create something fun!


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