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Bangkok Vintage

“Talad Rot Fai” is one of the most curious markets you can visit in Bangkok. Erected on the premises of a disused station, it has inherited a “vintage” aspect which gives it all its charm.


The peculiarity of the Talad Rot Fai is certainly its hipster side. It wants to be a stronghold of underground culture.

In the open air, a few daring men come to have their hair cut by a barber, under a tarpaulin with a military print and the sound of metal music. And because without that, a market would not be a market, Talad Rot Fai is also rich in street food.

Because it is not located in a very touristy place, Talad Rot Fai is mainly frequented by Thai people. And it’s nice to walk in a place still “preserved” from the onslaught of tourists.

The atmosphere is good, and it is easy to find real treasures.
Depart from your SkyTrain hotel to reach the Phra Khanong Canal from where you will board a water taxi to the market. It will also be an opportunity to visit the typical Phra Khanong market which hides the picturesque harbor from where you will start your cruise.

Aboard a traditional long-tail boat, you navigate the 8 km of the canal that separates you from the “Talad Nat Rod Fai”. You will then be able to realize the different faces of Bangkok, which balances between modernity and tradition. Indeed, at the feet of modern buildings in the business center, small wooden houses float above the canal as if time had stood still.

At the end of this river avenue, you will continue a Songtheaw (collective taxi) to reach the night market. Shopping, tasting of local dishes, sharingconviviality are the ingredients to spend a good evening in Bangkok fashion.

Return to your hotel by taxi because, at this time, there are unfortunately no more boats.

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